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Who Are The Team Behind GATENet?
Please visit the team at GATENet
What are Digital Securities?
Much like traditional securities (such as, stocks, derivatives, bonds) ‘Digital Securities’ or ‘Tokenised Securities’ are digitally native tokens that hold all the same attributes as their traditional counterparts. These tokens are distributed via blockchain technology, which eliminates many of the current infrastructure costs and inefficiencies.

The original concept of a paper certificate of ownership for a stock or bond, now produced digitally but with the same limitations and burdens, digital (token based) securities are an evolved representation of your ownership and associated rights (such are dividends).
Are Digital Securities Legal/Compliant?
Just like traditional securities, digital securities fall under all existing regulatory and legal frameworks around the world. Although regulation may vary depending on jurisdiction, the core underpinnings of protection to issuers and investors are no different between digital securities and their traditional counterparts.
Why Digital Securities?
A core difference between traditional securities and digital securities is that the latter exists within a fully-funded environment, immutably on the blockchain. Securities that are traded can be subject to significant risks, such as failed-trades and more systemic issues that cause widespread disruption and cost to issuers, investors and market participants.

The current legacy Market Infrastructure (FMI) operates with numerous intermediaries; exchanges, broker-dealers, clearing houses, custody providers all of which add cost, barriers to entry in an already outdated T+2 model. Digital securities are stored on a distributed ledger (blockchain) as tokens and exist entirely in digital form, meaning via smart-contracts and enhanced automation we can remove these barriers to entry, and significantly reduce costs across the board for global finance.

The GATENet infrastructure aims to transform the current system using digital securities and blockchain technology. Now is the time for the next evolutionary step in the creation of a truly Digital Financial Market Infrastructure (Digital FMI),
Why Now?
We see significant opportunities in the development of the tokenised asset market and Digital Financial Market Infrastructure (Digital FMI) now. Research and surveys from institutions such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), Deloitte or McKinsey project that up to 10% of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will be stored and transacted with the help of blockchain technology by 2025–27. We can see a new era of blockchain powered finance, and we aim to spearhead that evolutionary step using GATENet’s Digital FMI.
How is GATENet Different?
GATENet offers a unique solution for the settlement of securities in digital or ‘tokenised’ form, an obstacle that to date has not been rectified by the emerging innovative landscape of blockchain, DeFi and CeFi. Our operating model is one that can instantly settle a security at the point-of-trade, while simultaneously updating the register of members (ROM), something the current capital markets infrastructure requires 2+ days and in-built costs to execute. GATENet can provide T-instant settlement, significantly reduced costs, eliminate counterparty risk and failed trades, provide greater interoperability while at the same time reducing the number of interminderies. We’ve taken a revolutionary approach to global finance, in an evolutionary way.
Is GATENet a Blockchain?
GATENet is a technology provider for the settlement of digital securities, utilising a host of trading and post-trade settlement infrastructure that interacts with various blockchain providers via API. Our model is that of a network of blockchains to offer more diversity and opportunity for issuers, exchanges and market participants globally. We have developed our own proprietary blockchain, which will be used alongside others within the network.
What Blockchains does GATENet use?
Alongside public blockchains, the GATENet network has the in-house GSX STACS protocol and the Polymesh blockchain, created by Polymath, in which GATENet is a node operator. We are continually working toward adding more protocols to our network. If you’re interesting in collaborations, please contact: [email protected]
What is a Digital Financial Market Infrastructure (Digital FMI?)
Today’s Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI) is the current system for the clearing and settlement of securities. When securities, such as a share/equity is traded there needs to be a transfer of ownership and a movement of fiat currency for the trade, this is done by a host of intermediaries, such as broker-dealers, Central Counterparty Clearing Houses (CCPs), custodians and banks - after the trade is initiated, taking up to 2 days, which is called ‘T+2’

Our solution is the Digital FMI, an innovative T-Instant model for the capital markets. In our phased approach, our technology roll-out is designed to mimic the current model of settlement, but in a fully-funded environment, with the enhancements of a T-Instant post-trade settlement, supported by blockchain. Eventually we will move toward a completely unified system that operates harmoniously with the register of members (ROM) and settlement happening simultaneously at the point of trade. No more systemic risk, failed trades and cumbersome costs.

In short, with GATENet when you trade, you settle.
What is GATE Token Staking?
Staking is a utility for GATE token holders to earn awards, receive rewards, and participate in governance. You can stake your GATE tokens here:
What is GATE Token?
GATE token is the utility token that is used within the GATENet network for GATENet Fees, Staking, Burning and Governance. It underpins our settlement of fees within the GATENet network while supporting the adoption of digital assets.
Where is GATE Token listed?
The GATE token is currently listed on Uniswap V2.
How is Circulating Supply Calculated?
The amount of GATE Tokens that are circulating in the market and are in public hands, meaning it excludes GATE Tokens within the Staking Platform and other non-circulating wallets including the reserve. See CoinMarketCap’s article for more information:
How Do I Get In Touch?
For all enquiries please email us at [email protected]